Radically responsible design.

DeLine Design is a Minneapolis-based interior design studio.

My independent practice was born to practice socially and environmentally responsible design with integrity. DeLine Design lives local, designs inclusively, and boldly questions the status-quo of how the interior design industry operates. DD proposes a new, more accessible design process in a way that uplifts community-based collaborators.

I’ve returned to Minneapolis to replace corporate life with a reconnection to community. Starting my business is my way of better affirming a design practice of integrity. I believe “good design” is not a product. It is a service founded on empathy.

Bethany DeLine


Values influencing DeLine Design work


The desire to better connect with my clients and community was the driving force behind my leap to independent work. In addition to directly serving my community, I am evolving a socially responsible process that challenges how interior design work is done, including:

  • Acting as an advocate for fair domestic labor standards (especially furniture manufactured at correctional industries)
  • Prioritizing BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ and small local businesses for services and sources
  • Prioritizing social enterprise sources
  • Celebrating collaborators
  • Contributing to school design programs as a faculty member, presenter and mentor

Environmental Responsibility

Construction and demolition waste is the #1 source of trash! In addition to landfill waste, modern building materials can leave a toll on the earth through unsustainable sourcing, product shipping emissions, and short-lifespan products. To do the least harm, my work prioritizes:

  • Rapidly renewable, low-VOC, recyclable, sustainably harvested materials
  • Donating functional unwanted fixtures to be reused via Habitat for Humanity and Better Futures MN
  • Local trades and products
  • Refreshing items already owned
  • Sourcing pre-owned vintage, antique, and thrifted items

Financial Accessibility

I want design to be accessible to people beyond typical luxury markets. To bridge the gap, I offer a range of service offerings. The benefits of an optimistic, healthy space should not be limited to those who can swallow a huge fee. Flexible service offerings are available upon request and include:

  • Free 30-minute consultation
  • Offering options for “self-procurement,” allowing individuals to hunt for thrifted or vintage deals, saving money on goods and avoiding product mark-ups
  • Integrating DIY options
  • Reduced rates for charities, nonprofits, and individuals experiencing hardship
  • Creating abbreviated service offerings to work within any size budget
  • Intake
  • Pricing
  • Exploration & Development
  • Narrowed refinement
  • Implementation